Chembe Child, Malawi

Cape Maclear, Malawi

Our major new project for 2010 – 2012 was to build Cape Maclear’s first orphan care centre. Orphanages are generally viewed as a last resort for children as family are encouraged by the Malawi government to support these children. However, with low incomes and children of their own, it is not always possible for aunts, uncles and extended family to support orphaned relatives and the volunteers at the Chembe Child project at Cape Maclear have struggled for many years to support the 700 orphans that have found themselves in the village.

This is the second phase (Jan 2012) of the orphan care project and will house those who have no remaining relatives and provide a community centre where the Chembe Child, Chembe Malaria, Chembe Water and Chembe Hunger projects can be found along with nursery education and health care for those affecting by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The goal of the project is to bring the children together to create a sense of family and allow the children to be children!