About us

We are a Scottish founded and registered charity (SC039598) set up in 2007 and have been operating in Malawi for over 10 years with 5 different projects.

I spent twelve months after leaving school in 2005 volunteering in an orphanage in Malawi, Yamikani House where I has responsibility for 24 children on a daily basis, living in house.

I returned to Malawi for several years after leaving the orphanage in 2006, to visit the children, taking money we has raised to fund school fee’s, repairs etc. Upon my return to Scotland after each visit, I pondered upon a better, longer lasting way to spend the money I, along with my family, had raised rather than seeing it disappear on everyday costs before our eyes!

It was this that led us to the fundamental idea behind Kenyawi Kids- sustainability. We have worked so hard to support our partners at the projects and pride ourselves on giving each Malawian we work with full ownership over their work, as it is only them who know what is best and we have seen some fantastic results. Please click on the ‘Malawi Projects’ link to find out more!

We support our partners in Malawi to do fantastic work that you can view here:

Inspiring story Yamikani House

Yamikani House background

Kenyawi Kids promotes and supports self-sustainability in orphan care in Kenya and Malawi.

We aim to provide funding for projects such as;

-buying farm land to set up farms

-community feeding programmes

-vocational skills training

-setting up livestock income generating projects

Agricultural education alongside the financial sustainability offered to an orphan care project with a working farm, vegetable patch and livestock is invaluable- food can be grown and excess sold to pay day to day costs such as salaries, utilities and school fees.

Ultimately, children can learn key life skills that will help them become self sufficient upon leaving the orphan care project.

100% of the funds raised go direct to projects and updates are regularly made to the * updates * section of the website.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about and support our work.

Caroline Beaton