Step Kids Awareness (STEKA)

Kenyawi Kids and our generous donors have raised enough money make the children of STEKAs dreams come true!

The aim of this project was to rescue abandoned and abused children from the streets of Blantyre and bring them up in a family environment where they can be taught important life skills, in a safe and secure home that they can call their own

Godknows Maseko and his wife Hellen co-ordinate STEKA house in Blantyre. He is an inspiring man with a clear vision for Stekas future. The foundation of his vision is to run Steka as a family home and he has achieved this. There are currently 39 children in his family ranging from about 17 years to toddlers aged 2.

The children have come from the streets of Blantyre and some have been abused as well as abandoned.

During week day evenings the children read stories and study then at weekends they all wash clothes, cook, go to church and watch the television together as a normal family unit. Everyone helps in the food preparation and the chores.

Another donor gifted 3 computers and so the older ones teach the younger ones computer skills.

Godknows runs a tailoring business, makes and sells peanut butter and raises chickens and goats to help fund the project.