-Chimembe CBO

Set up by Sonia Chumachiyenda whose main purpose is to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of orphans & vulnerable children. Sonia runs a feeding centre for orphaned and vulnerable children in Chilomoni, a Blantyre township.

Presently there are 60 children affiliated with her centre aged from 2 years up to primary school age. She has a dedicated team of local female volunteers and guardians who care for the orphaned children in their own homes as foster parents, supporting Sonia in her work. One of the local volunteers runs the nursery class and basic primary school education which is within the Chimembe building. They have very few resources but the enthusiasm that these women show is commendable.

During the day the children come to Chimembe for pre-school education and food (when available) Sonia grows what she can in their small vegetable garden supported by Kenyawi Kids and has an extensive chicken project underway too.

Sonia and her volunteers provide assistance to these orphans with basic necessities, such as clean drinking water, healthcare services, shelter, food, basic education and clothing.