Catch the Fish new building!

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A huge heart felt thank you if you already regularly donate via JustGiving or RBS to our 100% not for profit charity , you make a real and genuine different to children in our projects. Have you told your friends about what we do? The more donors the merrier!

Thanks to our regular donations…
Catch the Fish
have a shiny building and are open for business! Shakespeare’s uncle donated the land for free so 100% of funds we raised could be used to directly build and benefit the children in the village!
Catch the fish foundation  was  founded in 2016  in June as a Community Based Charitable Organisation in Chembe village (Cape Maclear).
It was started by a team of dedicated people led by Shakespeare  from Cape Maclear with the aim of promoting young children by providing them with skills and art so that they learn to make things on their own so that they can be independent citizens of Malawi20200222_10310620200222_103521

Their vision is “ to provide knowledge and skills to all young children so as to create a conducive atmosphere for  them  in order  to bring a  change in  their  mind set by teaching them to  ‘catch the fish not to eating the fish.’

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Their Mission is “to make  sure all  young  people stop the habit of begging in the street in order for them to be responsible citizens of  our community and Malawi as whole”
Catch the fish work with community members to accomplish its goal and objective20200229_112237

  • Sanitation and pollution reduction: As  Catch the fish foundation we believe that we  can take initiative to fight against pollution in our community so that we  can avoid issues of climate changes in our area. By recycling all waste papers into useful production for sustainability of our life
  • Provision of knowledge and art work to Children : As Catch the fish foundation believe in developing young children so as to build a suitable foundation for them during their Journey to adulthood by imparting skills and  art of recycling so that they can be able to stand on their own in the near future at the very same time reducing the habit of begging in the street by keeping  them busy at our workshops making products and learning skills.