Update from Godknows Maseko of STEKA house in Malawi

Happy new year from everyone in Kenyawi Kids HQ in Scotland & our project partners in Malawi!
We ended 2019 on a high with a lovely flying visit from Godknows Maseko who was visiting QMU in Edinburgh. It was such a priviledge to host him along with Gift who studies at QMU. This visit coincided with the Bake Off for STEKA that Caroline organised, raising £300 and everyone enjoyed lots of fizz and cake!

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“Currently STEKA has 75 children under its roof. They are of different ages ranging from months old babies to 23 year olds, and are in various levels of education/schools.About 13 of them are now in various public and private colleges and universities locally and internationally.It has to be said that to this far, more than 120 children and young people have gone through STEKA.
Apart from acquiring formal school education, the children also learn skills education such as upholstery and welding. But now STEKA is taking this to a new higher level altogether.  It is constructing a STEKA SKILLS CENTRE in Lirangwe Blantyre. We would like to provide vocational skills in fullness.


As highlighted above, STEKA has to provide all basic needs to its beneficiaries including accommodation and housing/shelter.So STEKA has a house as its home in NyambadweTownship, Blantyre. But our home is in need of rehabilitation works for it to withstand the time and the pressure of housing such an increasing number of STEKA beneficiaries who are now at 75…
These are some of the things which shall be needed during the maintenance works.
  -6 Sets of Cistern and Pan WC: The project needs toilet sits so that we can replaces those broken ones.
-4 bunk beds:the project will need bunks beds to replace those which are broken and which cannot be repaired and some bunk bed will need to be repaired
-Tiles: As we have been spending more  money on repairing the floor of our house we have been advised to tile in 4 bedrooms as one strategy of saving.
 -10 bags of Cement: the project will need cement to repair in areas which will      be damaged which fitting in the broken toilets and to repaired areas which have cracks
-4 x 20 litres Paint; paint will be needed to paint areas affected when fitting in the toilets and all children rooms need to be painted and almost the whole house requires to be painted.
-Replacement of play area equipments; some of the play area equipment will require to be replaced and others to be maintained
-Bathing towels: As part of hygiene children will need bathing towels
-Blankets and bed sheets:children need blankets and bed sheets since their blankets are torn-off

Cistern and Pan WC 6 Sets @ £44  per set £264
Gross paint 4 x 20 litre tins @ £50  per tin £200
Cement 10 bags @ £7.50 per bag £75
Bunk Beds 6 bunk beds@ £75  per bed £450
Spinner, double swing, installation  for all items £800
Mattress 15 mattress @ £17  per mattress £255
Blankets 1 Bail of 50 blankets@k170,000per bail £180
tiles   £2000
  Total Cost £4224